Why Choose DVST?

photo of a large group of people eating fruit

Through his internship James MacMillan worked with young adult students with disabilities at the Volta School for the Deaf and the Gbi School for the Intellectually Disabled, Ghana, (2015).

Why come to York for your MA in Development Studies?

York’s Tradition

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Free Lunch volunteers cooking lunch for rural school children. Hefeng County, Hubei Province, China. Photo by Xiao Cheng, (2016).

You will join of an institution that makes innovation its tradition and that is globally acclaimed for its commitment to social justice, academic freedom and interdiciplinarity. Since its founding in 1959, York has established its reputation worldwide with 280+ partnerships with international universities, attracting international students with roots tracing back to 155 countries, and has become one of Canada’s leading universities in the fields of international development and area studies. These traditions and connections nurture the MA program in Development Studies in its search for excellence and innovation in interdisciplinary teaching and research.

Our Unique Program

You will discover exciting opportunities to become part of a growing field of graduate training and research in international development studies in Canada and abroad. DVST is a challenging research-intensive program that encourages critical reflection and hands-on fieldwork and research in the Global South. We are unique in our commitment to research, our critical approach to development studies, the scope of our interdisciplinarity and our emphasis on praxis.

Our People

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Local activist and charcoal seller in front of her shop at Kahawa, Nairobi, Kenya. Photo by Julie Farzana, (2015).

You will join a remarkable community of nationally and internationally recognized scholars working in the interdisciplinary field of development in a wide range of countries of the Global South. Collectively, they have strong connections to the regions and communities where they conduct research, are engaged in international academic, institutional, and civil society networks, provide leadership to Development Studies and Area Studies Associations in Canada and to Research Centres at York, and possess a vast experience in interdisciplinary teaching.

Our City

You will be living in one of the world’s most diverse and dynamic cities. With a population of more than 2.8 million (5.5 million in the Greater Toronto Area), Toronto is Canada’s largest city and the fourth largest city in North America, after Mexico City, New York, and Los Angeles. With almost half of the city’s population born outside Canada, Toronto is known the world over for its ethnic diversity and lively cultural scene. Serving as the home of many ethnic associations, NGOs and community organizations concerned with Global South issues, as well as hosting the headquarters of some powerful corporations with global operations, Toronto has become a dynamic hub of development-related activities.

Our Students

You will join an exclusive small number of students who are accepted into our innovative program. Drawn from all over Canada and abroad, our students bring a diverse range of knowledge and experiences and are carefully selected to ensure that a variety of regional and thematic interests are represented amongst them. Most of them have been engaged in development-related activities, social activism, and/or studied, interned, or worked in countries of the global south, further enriching your own learning process. York is Canada’s most diverse campus, with a unique student population of wide-ranging social and economic backgrounds and more than 300 student clubs and organizations, that comes together in a dynamic and intellectually challenging teaching and research institutional space.

Our Support for our Students

You will have access to York’s many support services and to a range of generous scholarships and awards open to York students, as well as the opportunity to work as graduate assistants and teaching assistants in your second year. York GAs and TAs are the best paid in the country and enjoy excellent benefits. The program offers students ongoing support and advice from the start to the completion of their program. We support them in preparing scholarship applications, offer one-on-one support and mentorship from their supervisors, courses specifically tailored to help them prepare their research projects and to analyze their research findings upon return from the field, and facilitate feedback from faculty and peers at student-run seminars where students to present their research findings.