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Information Sessions

Domestic applicants:

Monday November 1, 2021
3:30–4:30pm (via Zoom)

International applicants:

Tuesday November 2, 2021
11:30am–12:30pm (via Zoom)

image of the Development Studies information session promotional poster

Good Morning Ethiopia

In a small village in rural Ethiopia, Helen Claire Andrus (a York Development Studies graduate student) discovered the pedagogical and community-building potential of radio. She discusses how radio is used to spread important information to rural farmers, and her own work studying the practice of photography by development organizations. Read "Listening together: Radio helps empower a family and the community" by Helen Claire Andrus —

photo of a group of Africans in traditional dressTwongere Umusaruro Cooperative members, Rwanda (2016)

From our Community to Yours

All images on this website were taken by students and faculty members on their respective fieldwork experiences in various corners of the globe. We invite you to explore our program further to learn more about our supportive and engaging community.


photo of an African man in traditional dress in a forest

A Life-Changing Experience

The Master’s in Development Studies provides students a home for an intellectually rewarding academic experience that fosters interdisciplinary learning, teaching and research on the multi-dimensional processes of socio-economic, political and cultural developmental changes in the Global South. Its novel interdisciplinary curriculum examines theories and practices of development that join theoretical learning to proficiencies in practical research and place-based knowledge.

photo of men grinding corn in Tanzania

Rural workers grinding corn, Arusha region, Tanzania. Photo by Leon Liberman, (2016).

Facilitating Positive Change

In focusing on the key conceptual, analytical and practical agendas in contemporary development research, it provides students with possibilities for development praxis through encouraging opportunities to learn about the relationships between theory and practice through hands-on fieldwork and research experience in the Global South.