Silvan, Austin


Organization: Prachatai
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Year: 2016

MRP/Thesis abstract:

Influences of High–Risk Resistance in Thailand: A Study of Bangkok Student Activism

This major research paper explores the dynamics of the mobilization of Bangkok student activists to the authoritarian regime of the National Council for Peace and Order in Thailand. The study is based on qualitative data collected through a four-month research period conducted in Thailand over the summer of 2016. It poses two research questions, which are: 1) Why do Bangkok students mobilize against the NCPO regime? 2) How are the students’ mobilization strategies shaped by political opportunities? This paper found that the movement used a democratic and decentralized structure to coordinate the deployment of resource mobilization and repertoires of non-violent action to challenge the NCPO from exercising authoritarian actions that create further inequality in society. This paper argues that to see the relationships that explain the dynamics of Bangkok student activism against the NCPO, it is crucial to understand both why the students mobilize and how the movement operates.