Nwoke, Onyekachi


Organization: GAT Services Canada Inc.
Location: Delta, Nigeria
Year: 2015

MRP/Thesis abstract:

Rethinking Resource-Curse and Development: A Case Study of Community Perspectives to Shell and Nigerian Government in Ogoniland 4 years on from UNEP report publication.

Much has changed for the Ogoni people 20 years since the death of the Ogoni 9 and for some not much has changed since the 2011 publication of the UNEP report. This paper critically examines the resource curse at the micro-level of the case of the Ogoni community, in relation to the uniqueness of the 2011 UNEP report. This research looks at an internationally backed initiative (2011 UNEP report) by the Nigerian government to address the grievances or concerns of a specific Niger delta community in the Ogoni case. In the case study on Ogoni, it is further argued that resource-curse thesis needs to be rethought using the rentier framework to illuminate the perceptions of Ogoni community stakeholders on both Shell and the Nigerian state. This paper concludes by revealing the theoretical consequence of not implementing the study’s recommendations is an allocative state rather than a productive one. On the practical side, the Nigerian state has created an enabling environment for corporate social negligence and irresponsibility.