Liberman, Leon


Organization: Unity in Diversity Foundation
Location: Karatu, Tanzania
Year: 2016

MRP/Thesis abstract:

Title: Re–Imagining NGOs: Addressing local understanding of NGOs in their immediate context—A case study from Rural Tanzania

While the literature on NGOs has often attempted to characterize them by defining and typologizing them through diverse set of criteria, it has been less often that local understandings of NGOs have been brought about or attempted to be included into these typological frameworks and characterizations. This has resulted in a gap pertaining to the voices of locals, particularly in rural settings, and a strong urban bias. This research shortens this gap by presenting through a case-study based in rural Tanzania, another way in which NGOs are understood. Asking how such understandings reflect and are influenced by their immediate context, this study accounts for the context being studied by combining the inclusion of diverse local voices, fieldwork observations, and the textual and discursive analysis of documents, to render a broad and complex ‘picture’ of the landscape that NGOs inhabit.
Keywords: NGOs, context, Africa, contextualization, local, understanding, Tanzania, rural, development