Divekar, Stephanie


Organization: Kotak Education Foundation
Location: Mumbai, India
Year: 2015

MRP/Thesis abstract:

Globalization and Emerging Cities: Exploring the Role of NGO Services for Youth Development in Mumbai, India

Neo-liberal development in the current global era has fuelled the rapid urbanization of emerging cities in the Global South. The distinct conditions created by this urbanization have produced pressing development challenges for urban spaces in developing countries. The increasing demands and pressures put on low-income households in urban spaces has complicated the lives of urban dwellers. In response to this, NGOs have risen as a means through which local people have begun to respond to conditions, address needs and access services. Drawing from fieldwork in Mumbai, India from May to August of 2015, this paper aims to understand current urban dynamics in the city. Through engaging with the experiences of low-income youth between the ages of 18-25, this study explores their attitudes towards conditions in the city as well as their perspectives towards NGO services accessed by them. Seeking to articulate the voices of youth, this study affirms the view that the increasing role of NGOs has emerged as a positive force in cities with the potential to address urban conditions, identify needs and create opportunities for disadvantaged youth in Mumbai.