Celentano, Misha Rose


Organization: Right to Play Thailand Foundation
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Year: 2015

MRP/Thesis abstract:

Playing, Learning and Developing: An Examination of Sport-for-Development Activities along the Thai — Burma Border

Given the increasing support and attention being given to Sport for Development (S4D) initiatives, this project seeks to examine and demonstrate how S4D projects are being implemented along the Thai-Burma Border, more specifically, in Mae La Refugee camp. There has been an increasing number of organizations using S4D as vehicle to attain development goals and objectives, and increasing support from donors and international bodies, like the United Nations, who are calling for the increased use of this new approach. As this new method of achieving development goals has emerged and is being utilized in a variety of settings, critics of the approach have highlighted that there is an overall lack of evidence that demonstrates whether or not S4D initiatives are in fact attaining the goals and outcomes set by organizations using the approach. This MRP will discuss the two primary ways in which S4D programs are currently being implemented along the Thai-Burma Border. Firstly, S4D is seen in the formal education system through training of teachers to use Play Based Learning methods, and in the inclusion of Health and Physical Education within the curriculum. Second, S4D is seen through Right to Play’s weekly S4D and Red Ball Child Play activity in Mae La. The findings of this study reveal that there is a disconnect between the methods that teachers are being taught and the implementation of Play Based Learning and thus S4D activities within their classrooms. It also suggests that there may need to be an adaptation in determining the success of these S4D programs through monitoring and evaluation.