Mohammed Hossain


Organization: Mullargaon Branch of the Grameen Bank
Location: Sylhet, Bangladesh
Year: 2012

MRP/Thesis abstract:

The Network and Neighborhood Aspects of Social Capital and the Economic Wellbeing of the Women Borrowers: A Case Study of the Grameen Bank’s Microcredit Program in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

This major research paper investigates how social capital as networks and neighborhood relationships composed of mutuality and confidence influences the economic wellbeing of the members of the Grameen Bank. Drawing on a case of a branch of the Grameen Bank in Sylhet, Bangladesh, this study shows that microcredit nurtures a network of social relationships among the members of the Bank, and is constantly changing economic conditions of the participants in the area. The lack of efficiency in the mobilization of resources from the networks and the inability to invest the loan in a commercial enterprise are the major obstacles to the economic wellbeing of rural women in Mullargaon.