Lionel Akollor


Organization: West African Development Bank
Location: Accra, Ghana
Year: 2012

MRP/Thesis abstract:

China’s Agricultural engagement in Africa: An Overview of Chinese Private Direct Investments in Ghana’s agricultural Sector and the implications for South-South Relations.

This research project is concerned with the changing nature of investments and
development partnerships between China and Africa. Using Ghana’s agricultural
sector as a site of analysis, the paper explores China’s agricultural
engagement in Africa and how it affects African development. The objectives of
this paper is to understand processes by which Chinese agricultural
entrepreneurs have engaged in Ghana, what are the dynamics of their activities
and what might be the implications for the ongoing debate. It is argued that
African governments have leverage and agency in orienting and shaping China’s
development interventions in the pursuit of national development agendas.
Furthermore, it is suggested that private small scale enterprises are
increasingly the drivers of China’s agricultural engagement in Ghana as a
result of a fragmented authority or disjunction in the policy formulation and
implementation of China’s Africa policy. The relative autonomy of these
profit-driven individual enterprises has the potential of altering the nature
of south-south cooperation between the two regions. Ultimately, the paper
submits that despite its innovative approach to development cooperation, China
has not revolutionized nor expanded the ideological space for development
theory or practices but in fact continues to work within and reinforce a
market-oriented development paradigm of which it has become a strong proponent.