Javed Bahri


Organization: Alliance of Health Organization
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Year: 2012

MRP/Thesis abstract:

The Attitudes of Afghan Men on Gender Equality and Women’s Rights in Afghanistan.

Much research on gender issues and the status of women from the perspective of scholars, researchers and development agencies has been done in Afghanistan since 2001 when NATO forces ousted the Taliban government, most of it focused on women’s issues. There is however, a lack of direct local research on how Afghan men view these efforts to promote gender equality and women’s rights. As a result of a four month research project in Kabul, I found that the efforts of the international community to promote gender equality and improve conditions
for women in Afghanistan have not worked. In contrast, they have provoked
Afghan men into more defensive and conservative positions, rather than
convinced them that women are equal to men. This holds true regardless of
education levels and urban or rural residence in the province of Kabul, based
on focus groups with Afghan men and interviews with local experts knowledgeable
about the implementation of gender policies. I further argue that the
international community has failed to uncover and respond to the objections and
rationales against gender equality by which Afghan men justify their position.
This lack of cultural and religious sensitivity by the international community
is a major factor in the decrease in support by Afghan men for gender equality
and women’s rights.