Rudaina Siddiqi


Organization: Urban Resource Centre
Location: Karachi & Lahore, Pakistan
Year: 2014

MRP/Thesis abstract:

Participation, Community, and Self-Help: Buzzwords or Tools for Social Power? A Case Study of “Khuda Ki Basti” In Pakistan

Participation, community driven development, and self-help are terms frequently used in development theory and practice, which imply local and grassroots alternatives for human development. However, their meanings and implications for human development are often vague and context-dependent. This Major Research Paper (MRP) will explore the meaning of these three terms in the context of a local initiative called, “Khuda ki Basti” (KKB), a housing project initiated by a local non-governmental organisation (NGO) in Pakistan called Saiban. How these concepts are currently manifested at KKB and how they impact the agency of the beneficiaries are explored in this study. The main goal is to carefully examine the purpose of the usage of these three terminologies. Are they becoming buzzwords or can these concepts be used as tools to promote human development in a way that transforms the current power structures, and help the beneficiaries of KKB to challenge the status quo?