Ruqaiia Al-Rubail


Organization: Iraqi Commercial Office
Location: Washington, D.C.
Year: 2010

MRP/Thesis abstract:

Iraq’s Economic Reform Policies: Prospects and Implications

This study seeks to provide a critical examination of Iraq’s economic reform measures that have been introduced and implemented by the US post-2003. Specifically, these reform measures aim to restructure Iraq’s previous socialist economic system through introducing a market economy characterized by an open market and integration with the global economy. In providing a critical examination, the following research question is addressed: what are the prospects for and limitations of creating an open end market in Iraq for the country’s economic development? The findings of this study represent the complexity of Iraq’s current economic situation. However, by unravelling the trade liberalization narrative using theories of trade protectionism, what seems to be apparent is that the current economic restructuring paradigm provides more implications for the country’s economic development than prospects.