Maria Sivagnanasundaram


Organization: Nepal National Dalit Social Welfare Organization
Location: Bakhundole; Lalitpur, Nepal
Year: 2010

MRP/Thesis abstract:

Youth and the Invisibility of Caste Discrimination in Kathmandu

In exploration of how caste discrimination occurs in Kathmandu, Nepal, the general regard for its nonexistence by youth aroused curiosities about the ways that this belief manifested itself. As the core of this paper has drawn upon this notion of the invisibility of caste discrimination in Kathmandu, the intersecting concepts of identity, place, schooling, and modernity, have been used to frame different facets of this belief to highlight that it is amid this invisibility that caste discrimination in Kathmandu is made visible through new forms of discrimination and oppression via institutional casteism, highlighted by the intersection of caste and class and maintained by discourses of modernity.