Mark Nabeta


Organization: UNDP, Democratic Governance Unit
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Year: 2010

MRP/Thesis abstract:

Fostering Good Governance Reform Through Civil Society Support: A Case Study of the Undp’s Amkeni Wakenya Programme in Kenya

This paper examines the activities of the United Nation’s Development Programme’s Amkeni WaKenya civil society democratic governance facility in Kenya. Created at the outset of the 2008 election crisis in an attempt to foster stronger CSO and CBO involvement in the sphere of good governance, this programme has had a positive effect in providing the financial and capacity building assistance Kenyan CSOs and CBOs were lacking. It has also been successful as a catalyst for civil society networking and dialogue in a traditionally divided civil realm. Using existing literature and data collected during three months of field research, this paper will argue that Kenya’s civil society has the potential to be effective if it stands to build a cohesive set of prescriptions and alternatives in policy discussions on good governance.